About Us

WIRES Central Coast has a small band of volunteers who give their time and effort in a bid to give injured wildlife brought into our care, the best possible change of rehabilitation back into the wild.

Our volunteers rescue the animals to be taken into care once a call is relayed by the call centre.

This is a very time consuming task and, particularly in the case of young possums and other mammals, can take months to raise them to the stage of release, with the minimum amount of human handling and contact as possible in order to give them the best chance to survive in the wild. It is a busy and rewarding pastime.

The expense involved in taking care of our sick and injured animals is enormous, with a proportion of the costs being borne by the rescuers and carers themselves.

These costs include the special diet some of these animals require, especially the orphaned babies, as well as the equipment needed to house them, i.e. aviaries, heat pads, special feeding equipment etc.

WIRES organises fundraising through raffles, garage sales or donations. All money raised goes to help feed and house injured fauna. Some animals are in care for up to 18 months.

We produce a bi-monthly newsletter which is sent to all financial members and some local businesses and interested organisations.